‘Wisdom cannot come without boundless compassion and brutal honesty’

The Federal Plantation, A Tale of Subjugation and Injustice.

Institutions are not what people think they are. Liam saw the Federal Service as an intimidating giant, yet he recognized the very thing that made the giant robust made it vulnerable. Liam knew a powerful institution was something he could not fight back with only hope, and the thought of fairness. An institution is not even somebody. It is nothing, and one cannot fight nothing. Liam knew an institution loses its power once it has a human face.

Hilda, the Widowmaker was the Angeles’ plantation owner, and a highly skilled institutional assassin. She is a disciple of the enemy, the fallen angel, who dominates Paradise Lost. Since the beginning of time, the elite has created a complex system of policies and law to protect the costly blunders of management. Outmoded rituals and inappropriate dogma, have belittled humanity into slaves.

The physical world, assaults Liam’s faith. The result is an unusual perspective of some of the most ossified traditions in the Federal Service and eye-opening lessons that can be applied when David meets Goliath on the battlefield again.