‘Out of the Field’ is the story of Larry A. Lee’s life, through all his tragedies and triumphs.

Best Selling Author Larry A Lee

The obstacles in Larry A. Lee’s life opened his heart and mind to turn silences into words. A dream lived inside of him as a young boy. Wisdom through struggle and compassion, his self-educated imagination describes the tragic, comic, absurd, ironic, hopeful, and surreal moments of his life. Larry‘s book Out of the Field demonstrates how important it is to dream in one’s life, and he shows adversity unlocks one’s real strengths and values.

Larry wrote Out of the Field to inspire other lost boys and girls to envision another life beyond the conditions of their circumstances, so their futures will not vanish from their mind’s eye. By virtue of self-reflection, he broke free of the imprisonment of a black and white world, and the relentless discovery of Self bore the purity of wisdom through forgiveness. The truth is ugly and uncomfortable, but the future begins with the right choice. Formidable and in the distance, Larry presses forward into the unknown,
and he hopes others will follow their dreams.

“Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time! I went to middle school with a Larry. It is amazing what you don’t know about people when you are that age and the amount of suffering they are going thru. Highly recommend this wonderful book, looking forward to more of Larry’s writings!” ~ Sabrina