Out of the Field Amazon Best Selling Author by Larry A. Lee Releases his newest book The Federal Plantation

‘Wisdom cannot come without boundless compassion and brutal honesty’

Out of the Field: A Memoir full of Family Betrayal, Homelessness, Survival, Forgiveness and Love

LARRY A. LEE’S JOURNEY TO CLAIM HIS SOUL began at seven years old when he chose to defend his mother against his alcoholic father’s physical abuse in Unionville, Connecticut. ­ Three years later, his mother passed away from infectious hepatitis. Before her passing, Larry promised his mother he would grow up to be a “Good Man.”

Since the age of ten, life undoubtedly threw itself against Larry time and time again. All forms of unspeakable torments and challenges made up his adolescence in Burlington, Connecticut. At eighteen years old, while he was living in a field in Oklahoma City, a single act of kindness saved him, and it forever changed his life.

And so it was, his journey of ten million miles to keep the promise he made his mother led him to a seven-year-old boy, who adopted him. Larry held love in his hand, and then he conquered his world.

“A WRITER IS A WARRIOR, so Liam harnessed and used his fear to expose the Federal Service’s subjugation and injustice for the greatest good.”

The Federal Plantation, A Tale of Subjugation and Injustice.

A WRITER IS A WARRIOR, so Liam harnessed and used his fear to expose the Federal Service’s subjugation and injustice for the greatest good. Institutions are not what people think they are. Liam saw the Federal Service as an intimidating giant, yet he recognized the very thing that made the giant robust made it vulnerable. Liam knew a powerful institution was something he could not fight back with only hope and the thought of fairness. An institution is not even somebody. It is nothing, and one cannot fight nothing. Liam knew an institution loses its power once it has a human face.

Hilda the Widowmaker was the Angeles’ Plantation owner and a highly skilled institutional assassin. She is a disciple of the Enemy, the fallen angel who dominates Paradise Lost. Since the beginning of time, the elite has created a complex system of policies and laws to protect the costly blunders of management. Outmoded rituals and inappropriate dogma have belittled humanity into slaves.

The physical world assaults Liam’s faith. The result is an unusual perspective of some of the most ossified traditions in the Federal Service and eye-opening lessons that can be applied when David meets Goliath on the battlefield again.

What My Readers are Saying…

Larry Lee has a very tragic and violent childhood. This is his true story and as you follow the journey this young boy took, you will feel every emotion you can imagine. As he grows and develops he transitions through many stages in his life from survival to drugs and alcohol to god. This story is amazing and the things that Larry went through and still emerged on the other side is awesome. His story shows that belief and discipline will allow you to accomplish anything in life. Larry has shown that no matter how hard life is, there is always a path to a better way. This is a great book for anyone looking for faith when theirs is low. Check this one out folks, it’s an amazing story and Larry is a very tough person to make it through the things he has been through. ~ Jimmy ray